Carlow Counselling

It is my fervent hope that you will never feel judged at Le Chéile Counselling Service.  Judgment of clients is not helpful, relevant or in any way in keeping with my ethical standards as a graduate of PCI college or as a pre-accredited member of IACP.

I belive that most people naturally strive to make the best use of themselves. It is with this in mind that I recognise how difficult it is to discuss sensitive issues with a counsellor.  You will not be judged by me on any issue, only encouraged to talk openly about what is troubling you.

Le Chéile Counselling Service work to a strict Code of Ethics which means I must inform you of the limits of confidentiality and then stick to these rules.

Confidential non-judgmental counselling sessions which move at the client's own pace

Le Chéile Counselling Service Carlow
phone 0873910411
Kildare laois kilkenny carlow wexford and surrounding areas

Qualifications:  Bsc.(Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy - PCI College and Middlesex University.
                    I.A.C.P. Fully Accredited

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